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SENIOR PARLIAMENTARIANS - We work with a number of senior British MPs, peers and members of the European Parliament; household names across the political spectrum. We provide our clients with expert, confidential advice and support.

Our service


Politicians need people around them who are politically astute, well connected in Whitehall and have strong, long-standing relationships with all the key political journalists. Our team have all worked in the political arena, as special advisers and senior political aides. In addition, one of our team is the former head speechwriter for the leader of a major UK political party.

We know the corridors of both House of Commons and The Lords well, and have the inside knowledge and expertise to support politicians from all parties. We take our clients' privacy very seriously. For that reason we don't name our UK political clients. We act as a central hub, managing and advising on requests for comment, ensuring our clients are protected and never feel under siege from the media.



We have a long-term retained relationship with an ambitious Conservative MP.



We have worked with a former Labour Minister, several Labour MPs and peers, and have advised on a number of leadership campaigns.

Liberal Democrats


We worked with a new Liberal Democrat peer, supporting him to manage his online profile and advising him on how to best present the interconnect between his business interests and political life.

Green Party


We have advised a senior member of the Green Party's leadership team on her personal PR and political profile.

EU Commission


We worked with Androulla Vassiliou, former EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, securing interviews in the national media during visits to London.

Green Party


We have advised leaders of several large local authorities and borough councils.

Androulla Vassiliou

Androulla Vassiliou
Former EU Commissioner



Working behind the scenes, we secured major feature pieces and front page stories across all the broadsheets and tabloids including The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, Financial Times, The Guardian and The Evening Standard

Written a very large number of opinion pieces published on a regular basis in the national papers and in The Spectator, The New Statesman and The Huffington Post

Secured regular columns for our clients in the national press and in special interest media such as publications covering the UK public sector

Managed a number of major political crises for our clients, limiting their media exposure and ensuring their reputations remained undamaged. In early 2015 one client was personally criticised by Prime Minister David Cameron during PMQs. Sensing the need to act quickly, we had a rebuttal document with the media by the time PMQs had finished, ensuring that the story didn't get a chance to gather momentum

TV and Radio


Secured live and recorded guest appearances on BBC Newsnight, BBC Question Time, Sky News, BBC News, Daily Politics Show, Andrew Marr Show, ITV News, Channel 4 News, The Today Programme, The Politics Show and many others

We provide full briefing documents for our clients including 'lines to take' and Q&A briefings before any high-profile event or media appearance

Conducted numerous media training sessions for politicians ensuring they are comfortable on TV and radio and give the best possible performance

We attend all meetings, appearances and events with our clients where required so they are always well-prepared. We have accompanied clients to BBC Question Time, Newsnight, Daily Politics Show, Andrew Marr Show, all the rolling news channel studios as well as to political party conferences



We are politically astute and understand the need for politicians to build respect within their own parties and provide a clear, strong voice which resonates with the values of their fellow party members

Support our clients to refine their message and build relationships and alliances within their parties including with other senior MPs and peers, backbenchers, prominent activists, trade unionists, bloggers and writers, and others on a local level

Written numerous pieces for our clients which have been published on party political blogs including ConservativeHome and LabourList

Assisted with organising campaigns on a local and national level to influence political direction and policy

Worked with parliamentarians' advisers helping them with contacts and support to bridge the gaps between politics, business and the public

Thought leader


To deliver results, politicians must be regarded as a thought-leader by the press and the public. We ensure our clients are one of the first to be asked for comment by the media on the big issues

Set up one-to-one meetings with key media players and editors giving our clients opportunities to talk both on-and-off the record. These meetings have resulted in widespread national coverage

Working with a senior parliamentarian, we devised and implemented a high-profile campaign which lead to enormous coverage both in the UK and abroad and resulted in a change in political direction

Manage a Twitter account for a parliamentarian, ensuring high-quality tweets and rapid growth in follower numbers

Designed and created a number of MPs' websites and provide ongoing content

We have close connections with senior individuals in the policy and think tank community. We ensure active, ongoing dialogue between them and our clients

Written high-profile speeches delivered in both Chambers of the House and at events in the UK and abroad

Secured speaking engagements at large-scale conferences and at events held by national social enterprise organisations

Introduced our clients to a number of senior-level business figures, helped them secure additional funding and explore outside interests in both business and social enterprise

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