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RUPERT SCOFIELD - co-founder and President of global microfinance organisation FINCA International. Rupert oversees its operations in 21 countries serving over 1.6 million clients worldwide. He is also author of the 'Social Entrepreneur's Handbook'.

The Challenge


Rupert approached us to raise his profile as a leading social entrepreneur. He also asked us to raise the profile of FINCA International in Europe and help them secure high-profile political and financial supporters.

The Solution


We helped Rupert build strong relationships with potential donors, senior journalists and Government ministers through a series of one-to-one lunches, and a regular networking breakfast. These people were then able to follow his thoughts and ideas through a newly designed personal blog. With this portfolio established, we used our network to pitch him into TV, radio and conferences, and posted all these appearances to his blog to add further credibility. We also launched a social enterprise podcast with Rupert as host to establish him as an authority on the topic.

The Result


Now a noted social entrepreneur, Rupert has appeared in many magazines and newspapers, such as The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph, and on a number of TV and radio shows, including BBC, CNBC and World Finance. He has built a large, loyal readership on his personal blog and has more than 50,000 followers on Twitter. With an audience in the tens of thousands, his podcast was recently featured by Apple as "noteworthy" in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Finally, he has met with a number of significant high-profile targets, including Government ministers and high-net-worth philanthropists.

Client Quote


"Paul is a whirlwind and works at lightning speed! He's the kind of guy that I wish I'd had on the FINCA team right at the start - a positive, funny, humane, can-do person with an entrepreneurial spirit. He never runs out of new and exciting ideas, and his contact book is staggering. He always knows someone that can help me or FINCA - whether that's in the press, politics or business. Most importantly: he delivers! I asked him to make me an ambassador for my industry, and he has done just that."

Thought leader


Designed and created a personal blog for Rupert

Organised a press summit to introduce Rupert to top international journalists

Secured Rupert interviews on TV and radio, including BBC Radio 4, CNBC and Arise TV

Secured high-profile international speaking opportunities, and recorded them for Rupert's blog and FINCA's website

Created and produced the Social Enterprise Podcast with Rupert as host

Set up private one-to-one meetings with journalists, senior Government Ministers and high-profile philanthropists

Managed Rupert's Twitter account, growing his followers from 0 to over 50,000 followers



Secured high-profile features for FINCA in national newspapers, including The Sunday Telegraph, City AM, The Independent and The Guardian

Arranged for a prominent journalist to accompany Rupert to visit FINCA's local operations in Uganda

Organised a parliamentary event for FINCA's 30th Anniversary with over 200 guests in conjunction for their internal team

Produced a feature video of the parliamentary event for FINCA as well as their corporate sponsors

Accompanied Rupert to Tajikistan, Uganda and Tanzania to record special video blogs to showcase FINCA's work

Hosted, organised and invited guests to regular microfinance roundtable breakfasts with industry stakeholders and philanthropists to build awareness of FINCA in Europe

Secured high-profile features for FINCA in the most widely read banking and finance newspapers including Euromoney and Banking Technology

Hosted the exclusive FINCA FinTech for Good Summit in partnership with the Rainmaker Foundation convening some the the brightest FinTech minds in London and UK philanthropists



We created a new podcast with Rupert as host to add further credibility to his global profile. On 'The Social Enterprise' podcast he interviews leading global social entrepreneurs about their businesses, challenges and successes.

It is now one of the leading charity podcasts in the world. It has roughly 12,000 regular listeners, including Government officials, philanthropists and other social entrepreneurs. It was recently featured by Apple iTunes in their "new and noteworthy" podcast category.

The show has been so successful that Rupert is now regularly approached by journalists, business leaders and entrepreneurs for them to appear on his show - rather than the other way around.

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