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PHILIP LYMBERY - A passionate animal campaigner, he is Chief Executive of leading animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming. Philip is also author of best selling book 'Farmageddon' about the impact of factory farming.

The Challenge


Philip approached us to raise his personal profile as an animal welfare commentator and set the record straight about factory farming. He also wanted us to raise the profile of Compassion in World Farming as an influential global animal rights charity that can set the political agenda.

The Solution


We helped Philip build strong relationships with political journalists and event organisers through a series of one-to-one meetings. These people were then able to follow his thoughts and ideas through a newly designed personal blog. We came up with the concept of an accessible animal welfare book and connected Philip with an established co-author to publish the book. We also launched a Compassion in World Farming mini-site to explain the key principles behind the organisation's arguments. This ensured Philip was the first commentator these people thought of when breaking an animal welfare story.

The Result


A prominent animal welfare commentator, Philip has now appeared in many magazines and newspapers, such as The Guardian and The Telegraph. He has built an enthusiastic readership on his personal blog, and has nearly 30,000 followers on Twitter. His best selling book is now in its fifth printing, and was positively reviewed by people such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Joanna Lumley and Sir Jonathon Porritt.

Client Quote


"Paul and his team jumped out of the starting blocks right from our first meeting; working at a relentless pace and doing absolutely everything possible to get results. Paul was instrumental in suggesting and developing my book, Farmageddon, and that alone would have been a massive result but it's just one part of the huge number of things he has helped me achieve."

Thought leader


Attained personal coverage in newspapers and magazines, including in The Guardian and The Telegraph

Launched Philip's personal website to give journalists and event organisers an overview of his work

Came up with the idea of an accessible factory farming book that eventually became 'Farmageddon'

Connected Philip with an established copywriter who became the co-author of 'Farmageddon'

Set up one-to-one meetings with senior journalists and policy-makers

Helped manage Philip's Twitter account, growing his followers to nearly 30,000 over the course of 18 months

Compassion in World Farming


Created a mini-site, Factory Farming Facts, that explained the principles behind Compassion in World Farming in easy-to-understand language

Scripted, recorded and produced five high-impact short videos, which explained the case against factory farming

Provided CIWF with high-level guidance about their political communications strategy

Helped manage CIWF's Twitter account

Working alongside the internal communications team, drafted corporate press releases for CIWF

Book launch


We came up with the concept of five short high-impact videos that answered the key questions that any journalist or interested member of the public might ask, such as "Can we feed the world without factory farming?"

We scripted, recorded and worked with an animator to create these short videos. We used graphics frequently to illustrate Philip's points to make them as accessible as possible. Arguments against factory farming had not been explained in easy-to-understand language before.

We also created a dedicated website for these videos, so they could be found permanently on the web. Collectively, they have now been viewed over 180,000 times.

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