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MICHAEL MERCIECA - Chief Executive of leading charity Young Enterprise, he helps run hands-on business programs in schools. Every year the charity works with over 250,000 young people and 3,500 companies .

The Challenge


Michael approached us to raise his personal profile as an expert education policy commentator and political campaigner. He also wanted us to raise the profile of Young Enterprise as a leading national charity.

The Solution


We helped Michael strengthen relationships with national education editors, policy-makers, and event organisers through a series of one-to-one lunches. We also helped him meet potential philanthropists through a series of exclusive breakfast briefings. These people were then able to follow his thoughts and ideas through an education policy column on a leading news website. This ensured Michael was the first commentator these people thought of when breaking an education story. We also created and produced the Young Enterprise podcast, a monthly podcast featuring the leading figures in business, education, and finance discussing the latest headlines that affect young people. With this portfolio established, we used our network to pitch Michael into TV, radio, and conferences, and provided a platform to explain his ideas to senior politicians.

The Result


Now an established education commentator, Michael has appeared in many magazines and newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times Red Box bulletin, and the International Business Times. He has also held discreet meetings with leading politicians, including Secretaries of State. He has built a large, loyal readership on The Huffington Post, and has over 5,300 followers on Twitter. Michael has also been invited to speak at several leading global conferences, including all the major political parties' annual conferences.

Client Quote


"Paul is indispensable. He's become part of the way I operate day-to-day. It's a personal relationship that is much more than just PR advice. While getting in the press is great, a lot of what I do means I need to meet people behind closed doors, and Paul is the expert at making that happen. These days it's no good just being a CEO - you need to network constantly to achieve anything tangible. I'd find it impossible to do this without Paul. He makes it easy to simply turn up to a meeting with all the key players already around the table."

Thought leader


Acquired personal coverage in newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, The FT, and The Times Red Box bulletin

Set up one-to-one meetings with education editors, business-leaders and politicians, including Secretaries of State

Secured speaking opportunities at international conferences, including all UK political parties' annual conferences

Wrote regular education policy articles for Michael with minimal demands of his time

Created and managed Michael's Twitter account, growing his followers to over 5,000

Young Enterprise


Arranged and hosted a monthly series of breakfast briefings, inviting top potential philanthropists

Provided Young Enterprise with high-level guidance about their political communications strategy

Created, managed, and produced the Young Enterprise podcast

Drafted corporate press releases, working alongside Young Enterprise's internal communications team

Huff Po

Michael's column on The Huffington Post

Personal twitter account

Personal Twitter account

Young Enterprise Twitter account

Young Enterprise's Twitter account

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