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JEROME BOOTH - An investor, entrepreneur and emerging markets expert, he is Chairman and CEO of New Sparta Asset Management, a specialist emerging market investment manager with interests in developing economies. He recently published a book on asset allocation in emerging markets and was previously Head of Research at a leading emerging markets hedge fund.

The Challenge


Jerome approached us to raise his profile as an entrepreneur and emerging markets commentator. He also wanted us to boost the profile of the New Sparta group of companies as an innovative family of businesses investing in the UK and Asia.

The Solution


We helped Jerome build strong relationships with business journalists and event organisers through a series of one-to-one lunches. These people were then able to follow his thoughts and ideas through a newly designed personal blog. This ensured Jerome was the first person journalists thought of when breaking an emerging markets story. With this portfolio established, we used our network to pitch him into TV, radio and conferences, and posted all these appearances to his blog to add further credibility. We also launched an emerging markets podcast with Jerome as host to establish him as an authority on the topic.

The Result


Now an established investment commentator, Jerome has appeared in and written for many magazines and newspapers, such as Forbes, The Financial Times and the London Evening Standard, and on a number of TV and radio shows, including World Finance, Bloomberg and The Banker. He has built a large, loyal readership on his personal blog and has more than 3,000 followers on Twitter. With an audience in the tens of thousands, his podcast was recently featured by Apple as "noteworthy" in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Finally, he has been invited to speak at a number of leading global conferences, such as the Russian Banking Forum and the FT Debt Markets Forum 2015.

Client Quote


"It was a joy to work with Paul. I have to confess, at first, I was a bit worried that he might try to change what I was saying. But that didn't happen. Not at all. Instead, he extended my network through strategic introductions and made sure that my online profile looks professional and authoritative. I was especially impressed by what his team managed to achieve using social media. The results speak for themselves."

Thought leader


Secured emerging markets interviews on TV and radio, including on World Finance, Bloomberg and The Banker

Attained personal coverage in newspapers and magazines, including in The Financial Times, Forbes and City AM

Designed and launched Jerome's personal website to give journalists and event organisers an overview of his work

Secured speaking opportunities at international conferences, including the Russian Banking Forum and the FT Debt Capital Markets Outlook 2015

Created and produced the 'Upside Down World' podcast with Jerome as host with minimal demands on his time

Set up one-to-one meetings with senior policy-makers, journalists and business leaders

Created and managed Jerome's Twitter account, growing his followers to over 3,000 within two months

Secured and helped Jerome write a column in the London Evening Standard, a high-profile UK newspaper with over 1 million readers

Designed and created a new weekly newsletter for Jerome on the emerging markets, and identified a targeted list of journalists to receive it

Created and produced an animated book trailer for Jerome's book to introduce its main ideas to journalists and other people in simple terms

New Sparta


Attained press coverage for a number of New Sparta companies

Helped draft press releases for New Sparta and its family of companies

Provided marketing and PR advice to company directors of all New Sparta companies

Helped organise one-to-one meetings between New Sparta company directors and journalists and business decision-makers

Provided New Sparta with high-level strategic PR advice

Cross-promoted New Sparta companies on Jerome's podcast and Twitter account



We created a new podcast on emerging markets with Jerome as host. On each episode of 'Upside Down World' Jerome is joined by two prominent guests, including senior journalists, editors and economists.

As well as adding to his credibility as an investment and economics commentator, these shows are a good way for Jerome to meet leading journalists, business contacts and other economists - and build strong, lasting relationships with them.

The podcast now has over 10,000 regular listeners, and it was recently singled out by Apple in its "new and noteworthy" category in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The show also effectively cross-promotes Jerome's book and his other companies such as bne IntelliNews.

Listen to the latest episode of the podcast:

Listen to previous episodes of Upside Down World

Personal twitter account

Personal Twitter account


Upside Down World podcast

Jerome's personal newsletter

Jerome's weekly emerging markets newsletter

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