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GLOBAL CEO & ARTIST - A leading arts and business thinker, he is founder and Artistic Director of a new creative space in Central London. He is also the founder and CEO of a leading international telecoms carrier with a significant footprint in the Middle East and Iraq.

NOTE: Many of our clients are prominent global political, financial and business figures, and would prefer us not to disclose their identities. We take their confidentiality incredibly seriously, and for this reason we have fully anonymised this client's case study. We have also omitted any work or information that could lead to their identity being uncovered.
The Challenge


He approached us to build his reputation as a thought-leader in the arts and business sector and raise the profile of a new artistic school of thought he had co-founded. In addition he wanted us to boost awareness and increase the revenues of his new creative space in London.

The Solution


As he was relatively new to the London art scene, we helped him build relationships with leading London gallery directors, influential artists, art buyers and industry journalists through a schedule of private one-to-one lunches. These contacts were then able to follow his thoughts and ideas through a newly launched personal blog. We also accompanied him abroad to record video blogs, giving journalists and others a snapshot of his business and artistic life. With this portfolio established, we used our network to pitch him into global conferences, and posted these appearances to his blog to add further credibility.

The Result


We have significantly increased the depth of his professional artistic network, setting up meetings with a number of people on Art Review's 'Power 100' list. He has built a large, loyal readership on his personal blog and has more than 3,000 followers on Twitter. He has been invited to speak at a number of leading global conferences. At the launch of his creative space, we secured the attendance of a number of high-profile media outlets including ITV, The Telegraph and the BBC.

Client Quote


"Working with Paul is an absolute pleasure. He immediately put me at ease with his calm and friendly manner. What do I value the most? A private ear to share my personal and business concerns, and his positive attitude and approach to solving these concerns quickly. I would now find it hard to do business without him and his team. His strategic introductions have helped me enormously and continue to bear fruit many months down the line."

Artist and global CEO
Thought leader


Set up private one-to-one meetings with senior journalists, world-famous gallery CEOs, artists and art buyers

Secured him a Board position at a leading global art gallery

Secured speaking opportunities at international conferences

Arranged feature interviews and articles with international papers such as The Guardian and prominent magazines including The Spectator

Secured appearances on leading international radio stations and TV channels

Shot a number of personal video blogs for him, providing an insight into his business and artistic life

Helped him launch his personal website to give journalists and event organisers an overview of his work

Provided him with discreet one-to-one business and media guidance

Drew up a list of strategically important people for him to meet to further grow his businesses

Managed his Twitter account, growing his followers to over 3,000 within two months

Secured a column for him on The Huffington Post

Creative space


Arranged meetings with top-level individuals on request, such as high-profile investors

Helped secure a cash buyer for his telecoms business with revenues of $200m per year

Engaged with a foreign government about business affairs on his behalf

Brokered a substantial deal with a leading global bank and secured him a Board position with another international bank

Drew up a list of strategically important journalists to raise the creative space's profile in London

Helped organise the launch of the creative space, advising the team on its format and press presence

Helped with the marketing of the space for corporate events

Secured the attendance of a number of high-profile media publications at the launch including ITV, The Telegraph and The Times

Drew up a list of organisations that might use the space for events and approached them to secure viewings

Shot a number of high-impact corporate videos

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